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Platte City, MO – At their meeting last night, the Platte County Health Department’s Board of Trustees adopted a new Public Health Order that goes into effect at 12:00 AM on Monday, November 23.  The Order is essentially the same as Kansas City’s Order and Clay County’s Order. The three Health Directors in those jurisdictions felt strongly that the Orders need to be consistent with one another, due to widespread community spread throughout the ENTIRE region. The excerpts below are the key points in the Order. The entire Order may be viewed by clicking click on the ALERT banner at the top of the Health Department’s homepage at

Section One: Community Health Guidance

A. People at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19, as recommended by the Director of Public Health, are urged to stay in their residence or place of rest except as necessary to seek medical care and to obtain provision of essential life items. All individuals shall comply with Physical Distancing Requirements at all times.

1. For purposes of this Order, Physical Distancing Requirements include:

(a) Maintaining at least six-feet of physical distancing from other individuals; and

(b) Appropriate use of Masks or Face Coverings consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Section Two. Business Operations and Gatherings.

A. Business operations may continue to operate with the following modifications:

1. Restaurants, taverns, and all other venues, including public and private or membership-only event spaces, serving food and drink indoors shall limit the number of occupants to no more than 50 percent of building occupancy, and shall close at 10:00 p.m. Indoor and outdoor patrons must be seated, and masked at all times except when actively eating or drinking. Indoor and outdoor parties are limited to ten (10) or fewer persons and parties shall be spaced with no less than six feet of distance between themselves and individuals from any other parties.

2. Masks must be worn at all indoor spaces with more than one person per room or barrier-divided space and outdoor spaces where social distancing of at least six feet cannot be maintained, except where further exceptions, if any, are approved by the Director of Public Health.

3. Gyms, fitness, and recreational centers shall be limited to no more than 50 percent capacity and be subject to all indoor and outdoor rules within this Order, including the requirement that all patrons wear masks indoors at all times and maintain social distancing of not less than six feet.

4. Business operations generally open to the public and operating in a publicly accessible capacity where six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained during the provision of service and not described elsewhere in this order shall maintain six feet of distance between areas of service, such as tables, booths, or stations in addition to the wearing of a face covering or mask.

5. All businesses are encouraged to allow their employees to work remotely to the fullest extent possible.

B. Gatherings.

1. Unless otherwise provided by this Order, all indoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of ten (10) people. Gatherings are groups of individuals, who are not members of the same household, congregated together for a common or coordinated social, community, or leisure purpose. This prohibition includes planned and spontaneous gatherings as well as public and private, including membership- required, gatherings. Gatherings are permitted with ten (10) or fewer persons in one place, subject to Physical Distancing Requirements. Prohibited gatherings do not include non-event-based regular commercial, nonprofit, or educational activity by workers, students, or customers of businesses.

2. Gatherings of more than ten (10) persons may take place only with the approval of the Director of Public Health after submission, review, and approval of a plan to mitigate the potential spread of infectious disease. The infectious disease preapproval requirement covers all gatherings of 10 or more persons, including, but not limited to, celebrations, concerts, sporting events with spectators, receptions, private parties, lectures, or life milestone events. Venues may submit a plan for preapproval of all gatherings if plans will be applied consistently despite a change in individual patrons present.


This Order is set to begin at 12:00A.M. on November 23rd, 2020 and continues until further notice.





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