Community Overview

The City of Weatherby Lake, incorporated in 1959, is a fourth class city in Platte County, Missouri.  The city covers approximately 836 acres, including our beautiful 274 acre lake.

The population of Weatherby Lake is approximately 2,000 residents with 834 homes.

The Board of four Aldermen ( two from the East and two from the West) and Mayor are elected by the residents to administer the City's government.


All residents are required to display a city car sticker on every motor vehicle driven regularly within Weatherby Lake.  Car and motorcycle stickers are available at an annual cost of $5.00 each .   All dogs and cats must be registered (licensed) with the City, and provide proof of rabies vaccination.  Annual cost of registering animals is $4.00 for each neutered/spayed animal and $6.00 for each unaltered animals.    There is more information on Car Stickers and Pet Licenses, along with forms, under the heading "Community."      All city car stickers and pet registrations are due on January 1st, delinquent on March 31st, and expire on December 31st.


If you are a new resident, please stop by City Hall to receive your new resident packet.  City staff will provide a brief orientation on all the requirements and amenities the City has to offer.

The City is zoned for residential and recreational use only; no temporary dwellings are allowed.   No short-term rentals (less than  30 days) are allowed per City Ordinance.  Zoning ordinances regulate the use of land and location of improvements.  Minimum lot size upon which a home may be constructed is 15,000 square feet.  A building permit must be obtained prior to the beginning of any new construction, remodeling, alteration or the addition to any existing structure and must comply with Zoning Ordinances and Construction Codes.  Copies of the Building Requirements and permits are available on our documents page.

Any questions or concerns please use the handy link "Report A Concern" or call City Hall at (816)741-5545.