Public Works

Our mission is to enhance and sustain a healthy quality of life for every citizen of Weatherby Lake by providing efficient management of water and waste water systems, City-owned facilities, streets and other infrastructure.


You can contact us during business hours Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm at 816-741-5545.  Fax number is 816-741-1480.


24 hour emergency number is 816-741-5608.  Please leave your name, phone number, address and a brief description of your problem.



The grinder pump is part of the sewer system for the majority of homes in our city.  This device is a low-pressure electric pump that helps pump wastewater along to the main sewer line.  If your home is on this type of sewer system, a fiberglass tank about six feet tall and tree feet in diameter is buried somewhere on your property.  Only the top will be above ground.  It has a round lid and is somewhat mushroom shaped.



Sewer and wastewater from your home flows in the tank through a service line.  A grinder pump pumps the wastewater through a pipe network ultimately entering into a sewage pump station in the city.  These grinder pumps have a built-in alarm system in case of malfunction and will sound a loud horn or buzzer to indicate a problem.



The public works department performs maintenance and service of grinder pumps.  A fee is assessed on your water bill for this maintenance.



To keep your grinder pump system operating at top efficiency please follow these guidelines:

  1. When the grinder pump alarm goes off DISCONTINUE WATER USAGE, i.e. dishwasher, toilet flushing, washing machine, showering or bathing, etc.
  2. CALL FOR SERVICE M-F 8:00-2:00 816-741-5545 OR AFTER HOURS: 816-741-5608.  Leave your name, phone number and address and someone will contact you.
  3. When there is an ELECTRICAL OUTAGE try to conserve on water going down the drains and toilet flushing, as the pump is electrical and WILL NOT WORK during electrical outages.  When electrical power is restored the alarm my sound until the pump has emptied the tank.  The alarm will stop automatically when the pump is back to normal.