In 1922, developers E.C. Thompson and Bill Workman began buying up land from descendants of the original settlers here in what was then called the Rush Creek Valley.  These developers platted their newly acquired land as “Lakeview Subdivision.“ 

Around 1936, Glenn Weatherby began buying up land as well, and together with E.C. Thompson, began the construction of a dam that would eventually create a 274 acre body of water now known as Weatherby Lake.  The dam was completed in 1937, and provided the residents with a place to fish, swim and boat.          


Then in 1943, E.C. Thompson and Bill Workman formed Lakeview Realty and purchased the Weatherby interests in the lake and dam while continuing to develop the area.  The Weatherby Lake Improvement Company was formed in 1950 and was granted title to the dam, lakebed, and other designated lands, such as C-Point and numerous access areas.


On August 11, 1959, Lakeview Subdivision was incorporated as “The Village of Weatherby Lake” under the laws of the State of Missouri.  In 1962 the legal status was changed from "Village" to "4th Class City," and our name changed to "The City of Weatherby Lake."

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