Weatherby Lake Historical Committee

It is the mission of the Weatherby Lake Historical Committee to identify, collect, display and preserve artifacts and materials significant to the history of Weatherby Lake.


The Weatherby Lake Historical Committee maintains and preserves an extensive inventory of archived material and artifacts that represent the people and places significant to our growth as a community.  The Committee also identifies and recommends the preservation of historic buildings, monuments, markers and sites deemed significant.


The Weatherby Lake Historical Committee is made up of seven (7) members and two (2) alternates.  The members are appointed by the Mayor from the public at large, and are subject to the approval of the Board of Alderpersons.  Each member must be a property owner in the City of Weatherby Lake, and serves for a term of three (3) years. 


The Weatherby Lake Historical Committee meets at least once every quarter at 9:30am.  The meetings are held at Town Hall and are open to the public.



The Historical Committee has published

The Chronicles of Weatherby Lake,

a hardbound book depicting the history

of Weatherby Lake from 1936 to 1997.

Available for $45 at City Hall

The Chronicles of Weatherby Lake


 The Historical Committee also offers

beautiful photos of Weatherby Lake

in an assortment of 12 notecards

with envelopes.

Available for $20 at City Hall 



Historical Committee Members

Term Ends
Judy Shafe', President May 2024
Trina Henke, Vice-President
May 2025
Marianne Ennett, Treasurer May 2025

Shauna Zahner, Secretary

May 2024
Julie Horseman May 2025

Pat Medill       

May 2023

Diane Coleman May 2024


Alternates: Term Ends
Jeanette Adams May 2025
Lyle Phillips May 2025